Daily Chatter

Friday, February 18, 2011

A smell in the air

Did you notice it too?

There is just something in the air today.
I woke up early eager to get outside for a run
LBM is fighting the sniffles and didn't sleep well last night.
I'm beginning to think he is a vampire.
I mean he is always pretending to bite me, he is a bit on the pale side, he doesn't sleep, he gives me this look like he is trying to read my mind.  See what I mean!
So I skipped my morning run and risked my life to enjoy some extra snuggling time with the little vampire. 

Now I will have a longish run to look forward to tonight which might not be a bad things considering I had lunch with S'ghetti girl yesterday.  It was pizza burger day. 
Oh so not healthy. 

S'ghetti girl with ber bestest girl friend

I just hope that LBM is up for a jogger run tonight.  There is just something amazing in the air today.
It smells like spring is fighting to break through.  I love that smell. 
When I can start to hang sheets on the line and leave the house without a coat.
It is going to be a great day!
I can't wait to see what amazing things happen.

What amazing things do you have planned?


  1. I am changing lives... well, subbing in 4th grade today. I have been in this class at least 10 times now and I LOVE the students. I thank God that I can show them His love by loving them for who they are.

    I wont be able to run today, but I am praying that it is just as gorgeous tomorrow on my 16 miles run with Bob!

  2. YAY for spring!

    Hoping LBM keeps those sniffles from settling in!!

  3. Can't happen soon enough! Bring it!

  4. Yep I can definitely smell it too!
    S'ghetti girl is adorable in her glasses.
    Amazing today? Watching Thing 2 run down the street with her arms extended like an airplane when she got off the kindergarten bus.

  5. Enjoying a nice long weekend off from school. Tough group this year. Amazing what an effect it has on my marathon training...being emotionally drained and mentally taxed. BUT, I shall persevere! I've got an 18+ miler on tap for Sunday. We had snow today...hopeful for sun during the run!

  6. Pizza burgers? Don't think I've ever had one of those. It's been so nice here this past week, I just wish I could see green grass, but it will come, right?!

    Have an amazing weekend, Shelly. Will be thinking about you on your long run!

  7. You seem to have vampires on the brain. Wonder why. ;)

    Hope you were able to get out with LBM and breathe in the fresh air last night!

  8. Yay! I smelled it, too :) I took all the kids to the park!

  9. I wrote about Spring smells this week too. Mine weren't quite as pleasant - but the other signs rock!

    Smell of pizza burgers -mmmm.