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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

30 Days of Running

Day 30

I am laughing in this photo because Biking Sherpa
the college educated smarty-smart awarding winning lit' teacher
thought it should be ...

... this way!  hee hee
Sorry Biking Sherpa.  It was too funny to pass up.
I love you!

I love the sunlight in this shot!  Morning run 3.5 (27:12)

30 Days ~ The stats:

228.1 miles (you know I want to go run 1.9 miles to get 230)

46 Runs Taken
Average Miles per day ~ 7.6 miles
Time running per day ~ 1:36:09
Average miles per week ~ 53.2
Longest run ~ 8.1 miles
Shortest run ~ 2 miles
Fastest pace ~ 7:08
Not so fast pace ~ 9:06
Weight lost ~ 4 pounds

Even though I was sporting tired legs I was so excited for my last run in my 30 Days of Running
For the evening run Biking Sherpa picked a new route 8.1 miles (1:10:36)
Can we say HILLS!

What I think comes next.
There were a few good suggestions on what I could have been thinking I "could" do next on my last post.  I loved the "3 a day"  comments.  But what I was wondering "if I could" was,
Could I run for 100 days?

Is that insane?

Others have done it.  There is a website. 
Okay it doesn't seem like it's been updated since January 2009. 
Do you think they came to their senses?
Okay that is a lot to
scold advise rant judge me for even thinking of
consider and weigh in with your opinions and thoughts.

Point to remember: 
 I have a 21k trail "challenge" race June 19th ~ doing it.
I have a 50k trail race July 10th ~ doing it.
If I use the websites "any run separated by 6 or more hours" I am already at 46 runs.
I could easily finish before the Ultra.

Let's hear what you think!

A final note:
Mel at Tall Mom on the Run is hosting a Scape Sunscreen Giveaway. 

Can we talk sunscreen for a minute?  I just had some worrisome news from my dermotologist.  4 out of 6 spots removed were "bad."  I take full responsiblity for this.  As a child my mother wasn't preached at about sunscreen like we are now.  So when I was too little to do it, people weren't really told they should.  Heck, people still smoked cigarettes without warning labels on them too! 
 It seems I was a child through an era of realization.  Society realizing that the things we were doing were effecting the quaility of our lives.  Unfortunately for my skin, the wake up didn't happen fast enough because I can remember putting baby oil on while I lay out in our back yard as a tween-ager.  Yes, there were a couple years when I really did that!  Combine that behavior with years and years of running.  Oh, I wear sunscreen but when you run for an hour+ and wipe your face repeatedly guess what happens to your sunscreen?  Yep, gone. 
All that to tell you, you really need to hop over to Mel's and enter this giveaway!  Today go do it now.  You can always hop back here and catch up with me later.  And if you win some great sunscreen you'll maybe be catching up with me while enjoying being just a little bit healthier.
Now go do it.  You can thank me later!


  1. You are so hardcore, Shelly!! You can do it!
    And that's pretty scary about your skin scare...glad you are ok!

  2. I was bad last week and ended up with a sunburn from our track meet. I worry about what damage was done.

    If you are feeling strong for 100 days, then do it. But if you have a day when you just don't feel like it, then, listen to your body. A hundred days is a long time; it's 100 days!

  3. That's pretty amazing! I always see your posts and wonder how you have all that energy.
    What do you eat in a typical day?

  4. Wow... not sure I could manage no rest days... your body needs to rest.

  5. wow Shelly 100? you are awesome! You could totally do it!! Just use caution....but you already knew that!

  6. OOH OOH! Do my double digit challenge with me! I'm only 3 days in. If I can get others to do it, I'll definitely do it longer!!! :) :) :)

    Double digits... as long as you can keep it up! You can totally do it.

    Ooh and I like the 100 days of running. That's fun!

  7. Wow...you are amazing. Our coach always makes us take a rest day. I love that day.

  8. I totally think you could do it! Congrats on the first 30 days!

  9. I think you've demonstrated that you can handle more than us mortals! Can't wait to find out what you decide!

    Thanks for the important reminder on SPF!

  10. I say go for it!!! You are strong, and not every day has to have 10 miles! :)
    I am actually quite inspired by you to take on the 30 day challenge - I could totally start getting my butt up for a run in the am - hmmmm, I might have to seriously think about this!
    And thanks for the suncreen shout-out. It is so important, and being a redhead I can never be too careful. Hope the spots aren't anything too serious!

  11. i think u r crazy. i think u r hard core. i think u r brilliant.
    u need some rest now!!!! go enjoy it. take a few days off! or at least ONE day!

  12. I'm so impressed! I can't manage that many days without rest - although I'm trying to run more often at a slower pace right now.

    Glad that you caught the "spots" and hope that's the end of it for you.

  13. AMEN on the sunscreen. i've had 2 moles removed that were atypical already and i'm only 23!! if only i had actually listened about the benefits of sunscreen and skin care when i was "younger"

    and i am SO FOR you going for 100. seriously. do it :)

  14. How funny that Biking Sherpa thought it should be 03! Way to go on making it 30 days. For more info on sunscreen, check out: http://www.ewg.org/2010sunscreen/best-beach-sport-sunscreens/

  15. Hey- that is what I guessed!!!

  16. Great job with your 30 days of running i have problems running 2 days in a row so 30 days is amazing. 100 would be quite a challenge but if anyone can do it you can. :)

  17. WOOHOOO!!! You did it! I have been thinking of you the last couple days doing doubles! Its so addictive :) I say go for it. You never know your limits until you surpass them......somebody famous said that and I can't remember who however I do remember the quote!

  18. Thank you for the link love!! The pictures are great

  19. I am so guilty of the teenage sun worshiper syndrome. Now in my 40's I'm much better and wonder how my younger years of sun worshipping will affect me.