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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

T is for Turtle, Totals and Taping Toes

The monster of a snapping turtle.  That makes three this spring.

My Tuesday morning run included a third turtle sighting.  This guy was a monster!  Just look at his huge body.  During my photo session with him, all he did was hiss at me and demonstrate just how far he could pull his head in and out.  It was only after I ran to my turn around which was a mere 60 seconds away and returned to this spot that he had demonstrated yet another skill.  Despite his size he was amazingly fast!  He safely scurried into the adjacent field.

Do you regularly see wildlife on your runs?  Or is it more like wild people?

After Tuesday morning's run the skies were threatening.

May was a good running month.
Monthly total - 225.5 miles
Highest weekly mileage (Sun - Sat) - 54 miles
Ran 21 days straight (and still going)
10 mile trail race - won master's division

How did May turn out for you?

And this is my "pretty" foot.
Any crazies secretly want to see what a toe looks like with NO nail?

Ever since my ultra trail race I have been working on losing my two big toenails.  The first one decided to give up it's fight last week.  This last remaining one is so barely hanging on that I need to keep it taped to avoid ripping it painfully off.  I know this is a lesson learned in proper shoe sizing!  I have injuried my toenails many times before but this damage was caused by excessive miles in shoes too big to keep my heel in the heel box.  The extra room allowed my feet to slide forward and strike the front of the shoe.  The extra room also created a "break" in the shoe right on the back edge of my toenail bed.  I did not feel all this happening until very late in the race.  Maybe the snow, ice and river crossing kept my feet a little frozen.  Thank goodness for unknown blessing!

Any stories of gear malfunctions discovered a little too late on race day?

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  1. Wow, May was a really good month for you workout wise it looks like. :) My goal when I am running outside is to avoid seeing wildlife, once I see that first snake I am pretty sure it will be the end of my summer outdoor running. :) I do regularly see squirrels and rabbits.

  2. ouchies on the toe!! That is a big turtle!

  3. good job on the milage shelly! that is awesome!!!!

    u and those turtles, eh? crazy. turtles are taking over the world!!! hehehe

    and too bad about ur toes. that sounds like it hurts. hopefully it heals up soon!

    have a great wednesday!

  4. You always post the BEST giveaway shout-outs with lots of bloggy-love!

    No need to see the toenail.. I have seen plenty of my own!

  5. WOW that turtle is crazy!!! poor toe :( my feet are just tore up!

  6. I thought of you this morning while I was riding my bike and I saw a turtle for the first time!!

  7. That is one big turtle!! I love those guys. I have seen them on the road before. I have also found a tiny little baby one after it flooded when we lived in Kansas. It was the size of a half dollar. Amazing that something so small could grow up to be an old cranky monster :)
    Nice job on the miles! Quite an inspiration you are lady!

  8. Great month lady!
    I have NEVER had any black toenails, and I also run trails. I just don't understand them, I know I'm lucky! So sorry you're loosing yours!
    Congrats on 21+ days!

  9. turtles! cool. I try avoid wildlife on my runs as I run in cougar/bear country, but I see a lot of fox, deer, elk, but no turtles. Although, I saw one running with my friend in S. Carolina. I thought it was awesome and she just thought I was weird.

  10. Excellent May to you!! Woohoo!
    I saw two coyote, 8 deer and countless gnats the other day on my run at the park...never a turtle though (pout!).
    And toenails? What are those? Both my big toes are black, both the 2nd toes have no nails, and I just lost the 4th toenail on my right foot (have no idea why that one....but I do remember it hurting in Boston)...I just paint the stubs cuz I GOT to paint my nails in the summer :). I look forward to that all winter long!!
    Happy Wednesday!!!!

  11. Your poor toes!

    I very seldom see much besides squirrels and birds. That's life in the big city...