Daily Chatter

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Waiting on a Water Heater

Doesn't it always happen this way?  You go away to relax and escape the normal day-to-day responsiblities in your life only to come home to a bigger mess than you left!
That is what we found when you came home from the stay-cation at the VA house.
At first I thought it might be a case of our dog-sitters (aka helpful family members) simply using the washing machine, over flowing it and not wanting to 'fess up about it.
However, after repeated attempts to mop up and dry out my laundry room I finally conceded on Sunday evening that in fact the slow leak was coming from my 22+ year old water heater.  Luckily Hubbs was home all day Monday and was able to wrestle the old one out and install a wonderful hybrid water heater in it's place.

Run # 70 (6.5 / 53:xx)

We had to wait for him to get home with the new tank so what would I do with a bit of time to kill?  Well, LBM and I hit the road for our miles and sweat session of course.  I wore my new blue running skirt with a top that I haven't be brave enough to wear for a long time!
Yes, I did come over to the Running Skirt side - times 3!  Thanks to a great clearance sale.  Thanks Tonia!
I will be sharing my two-cents about them in a later post and looking for some opinions. 
Plus some great giveaways that I was lucky enough to win!

LBM did NOT want to stop playing!

LBM and S'ghetti girl were BIG helpers when Daddy got home!

Sometimes staying out of the way IS being a helper!

After run # 70 we played outside until Hubbs returned with the hot water heater.  For the kiddos the biggest hit was not the advertised heating costs but the giant BOX in which to play for the next week!
Then we all tried to be helpful but the project took until after 10:30 needless to say baths were cold last night!

Run # 71 (3.5 / 28:08) Wore the same outfit from last night

This morning LBM was up super early so I got out for my run before the day got hot...sorta.  But I was able to get the kids around a little bit earlier and avoid the usual morning rush-fest!
Hubbs goes back to VA to begin a temporary assignment.  Temporary as in 93 days. 

With race coming up (The Skyline Challenge Trail 50k) July 10th I hope Hubbs is still able to support me aka take care of the kiddos and hopefully cheer me into the finish line and potentally carry me around when my legs die.  So anyone wanting to volunteer to play pit crew or run a little race in the woods feel free to send me an email!


  1. hey sorry i have been MIA for the past little while.
    so wow, ur on run # 70? thats crazy! good for you tho!
    what are your plans after 100? rest? or 200? lol

    ur kids are as cute as always!

  2. You have an amazing streak going! I can't believe you can wear the same outfit the following day. My clothes are literally SOAKED when I return from a run; if I were able to trun them around and re-use them the next day, I would save myself so much laundry!

  3. Always an adventure! Glad hubbs was able to look after the new water heater for you.

    Hope he is home for your ultra!

  4. I don't know what impresses me more: 71 runs in a row or that you can wear the same outfit! I sweat like a gross pig and am soaked after a workout. Of course, that is why I need a lot of workout clothes :)

  5. Oh how I wish I could run part of that race you and help you along!!! We just need to closer to one another. One day we'll do a trail ultra together...we must start planning :). I love your pictures, as always...and love your new background. Can't wait for this weekend for you!! HUGS!!

  6. bummer about the water heater, but you got it replaced quickly it seems. and of course, the big box was a bonus!

  7. Oh, there is nothing better for a kid than a big box to play in. Oh, wait! There is! It's a baby jogger to sit in!

  8. Good luck on your ultra! Hope the new water heater works out. Great pics of the kids!