Daily Chatter

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Some days its the little things

After a string of unfortunate things happening in my life lately it was nice to open the mail box last night as I was leaving to finish my miles (a.m. 3.5/28:58) (p.m.6.5/53:29) for National Running Day and see two little packages.

One of which s'ghetti girl already thinks she should keep.
This little beauty the Bondi Band not the cutie girl is from Tonia at Racing with Babes for rocking my socks for her virtual 10k Half Marathon.
Thanks Tonia!  I love it and I will share with s'ghetti girl. 
She looks so cute in it.
Do you think I could fit any more photos on my fridge?
Some are over 20 years old.

How cute that Tonia's note matched the Bondi Band! 
Plus some Gu! 
Yeah!  I'll be needing that in 2 weeks at my Xterra 21k....that and a few extra pair of legs.

In the mailbox was another little package.  This one from Katye at Long Legs on the Loose.  I won a Sweaty Band.  And look at this cute PINK duct tape.  Did you even know they made that?

Not as cute as s'ghetti girl but with my hair done it will be great to wear to work or to hold those curls back when I work out.  My new Sweaty Band is polka dots.  So cute, I love it!  Thanks, Kayte.
While none of these little pieces of niceness will get my hubbs a new job, change the troubling news from my doctor, relieve the stress at work BUT it does provide a bright spot to my day. 
And some days it's just the little things.


  1. Cute bands!! Troubling news from the doctor? How stressful on top of everything else. I am sending mellow, happy peaceful vibes your way lady!!

  2. I hope everything is OK. Stay positive. It may take time, but things will turn around. And yes, I matched the card on purpose ... I'm just like that!

  3. you guys look cute! Hang in there things will turn around! You do such a great job of staying positive...and with an awesome attitude anything is possible!

  4. Great surprise to get something - make that two somethings in the mail. ;-)

    I really hope and pray that your medical concerns are not too serious and that job concerns become a problem in the past.

  5. I have the same sweaty band! Absolutely love it! I hope you don't take any pix down off your fridge - it is great to have them there.

  6. Ah yes...it's the little things indeed. :-)

  7. YAY for gifts in the mail! Fun stuff.

  8. Troubling news at the doctor!? I hope that everything is okay!!

  9. Adorable pics! I love my sweaty bands and am waiting for a bondi band to arrive in the mail. :)

    Hope everything is o.k. with you!

  10. Shelly - hang in there. You have the best attitude!

  11. Did I miss the news from the doctor? Are you ok?

  12. Yay for little things. Hope some of the big things start going your way soon and that you are ok!

  13. awww thanks for the compliment in your comment on my blog :)

    and ((hugs)) to get through the stress you're going through. glad you got a few moments of goodness :)

  14. You hair looks super cute like that!