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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Let's Talk about Skirts

I recently joined the many fans of Running Skirts by finally purchasing 3 beautiful skirts from their Princess collection thanks to a heads up from Tonia and a great sale. 
I ordered a pink, blue and yellow skirt all in size 2.  
What follows is my experinces with these skirts so far.

Run # 72 S'ghetti and I rocking our skirts

The Pink one.  It is super cute and comfortable.  The inner shorts did not run up on any of my runs.  The skirt was just the right length to move as I ran without becoming a distraction.  The Pink one did become nearly saturated during several of my runs in VA and did not slip down from the extra water weight however, carrying my cell phone in the side pocket (I had placed it there while getting ready and then forgot to take it out and put it in the stroller) did cause the skirt to fall down. 
My verdict.  I love this skirt!  It made me feel like I carried myself better simply by looking a bit nicer while I was running.  I did not notice the skirt at all during the runs which is what I am looking for in workout clothes; looking good without having to fuss with my outfit along the way.

The Blue one.  It too was cute and comfortable.  I did notice that I had to pull the skirt up higher on my waist or it felt loose.  This did not fully register until it was too late.  I did feel like I ran better simply by caring about how I looked while I was running.  The first few runs the inner shorts kept bunching up.  I assumed that this can happen from time to time with tight "biker" shorts as your body weight changes throughout the month or your stride differs on runs. 
Then came the run in the rain.  Downpour really.
I had planned to run a bit longer looking for around 10 miles in one run so when it rained on us (thank God for the weathershield) I did not think about cutting short and going home.  It only rained for about 10 minutes but I and my clothes were drenched!  It cooled me off but immediately my Blue skirt would not stay up.  You may have noticed my pace on that run was around 9:18 that was due to all the stopped to pull up my skirt. 
I tried to wring out some water but nothing helped. 
My thoughts, since I have no verdict yet. 
 Could one skirt be that much bigger than the other even though they are the same size?
Should I try a smaller size?
Are running skirts simply not good for running in "conditions"?
Long distance running.  Can a running skirt really hold up to the sweat fest of an ultra?

I have yet to wear the yellow one fearing that the running skirt will not make the ultra cut, I may have to run in my shorts again to have my outfit chosen for the race next weekend. 

For those who have logged miles in running skirts, any thoughts?  Or fixes?


  1. Hmm, I wore my cheetah skirt in a MEGA downpour and did not have any issues with it staying up. Mine fits super snug (I am wearing a size 2 and am not nearly as tiny as you) so maybe that's it.

    Cute outfits! It really does make a big difference to feel/look good while running.

  2. I usually wear a 2 but can fit in a 1, some of the skirts are cut different than others. Contact them. They will let you switch sizes if you have issues.

    And just a note, if the skirt is sliding down usually once I start sweating it stays in place.

  3. I don't have any skirt experience but you look really cute in your skirts.

  4. Love the new skirts!
    I have no sliding issues wet or dry. Definitely contact them because you don't wanna be yanking on your skirt all the time.

  5. I am wearing a 3 and now wondering if I got a smaller size that they may stay up better. I can't put anything in the pockets or they will fall off!!
    They have an Ultra Skirt. Its a gorgeous blue. I think they are pretty comfy for 23 miles since thats the longest distance ran in my skirt so far.

  6. hmmmm i've been toying with the idea of getting a skirt. and i probably will eventually. very cute!

  7. Thanks for this post!
    I've been thinking about getting one but really wanted a GOOD review on them. At the price that they are I wanted some data!
    Interesting, I was thinking I would be a two, but if Tonia said sometimes a 1 I might have to try both!
    You look great! And congrats on keepin' the streak alive!

  8. LOVE the skirts!!!! In the Running Skirt with just the brief I am a size 3. The athletic skirts, with the compression shorts underneath I am a size 2. They run a little larger. They have amazing customer service so definitely give them a call. I have ran in lots of different conditions and have only had a minor issue with the compression shorts on one skirt.

  9. The skirts look great on you!! :)

    Yes, like everyone says, contact Running Skirts and they'll help you out. :)

  10. I have three running skirts - one is from RunningSkirta. The RunningSkirt has the brief underneath- and I LOVE the way it fits and feels. One of my other skirts - although not from RunningSkirts - has the running shorts underneath and although they are comfy - I do like the brief skirts better. I sweat a lot and all of them are comfy and stay up.

  11. I love running in skirts, although I do not do it enough!!! I love how cool I feel with them on. I prefer the whones with a brief, not a short, underneath.

  12. Thanks for the review of Running Skirts. The comments from everyone are helpful too! Such cute styles, looked very flattering and the fabric sounds great.

  13. I love my Running Skirts. I did have a problem, though, in a downpour of a race when I felt my skirt start to slip; I was sure it was going to end up around my ankles and was grateful that I was only running 5K, not 15K!
    Perhaps you just need a smaller size for rainy day running - or wear something else. I'm still trying to figure out what to do too!