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Monday, June 14, 2010

Refusing to walk

Day 37
55 Runs
272 Miles

Run #54 (3.5 / 27:24)

I am still a little amazed that this streak has lasted this long.  But when a new morning comes, my legs feel good and I think, "You never regret the runs you take...."  So out of bed I go and on to the road. 

Happy to be done with s'ghetti girl

Tonight at about the last mile of my run I noticed my legs.  Meaning I felt them.  They were tired and really would have been happy to stop or at least walk.  But Shelly does not walk.  Have I ever told you that?  When I set a goal to run X distance.  I run X distance.  I don't walk.  Not that there is anything wrong if someone else chooses to walk.  It's just not something I do when I am running. 
This is a touchy subject so I will tread lightly because I do not want to discourage or offend anyone who is practicing a method that allows you to run longer distances by walking some of it.  In fact, if I do a 50 miler this fall, I will probably end up being forced to walk some of that race.  Maybe.

Do you allow yourself to walk during a run? 
Is it okay to walk during a race?

Run #55 (6.5 / 54:13)

I did not walk tonight.  Like I said, Shelly does not walk.  I just pushed through that tired feeling when I got to yet another hill and although my pace was a bit slow for me on this loop (since I've ran it for 2 decades!) I still felt strong when I finished and recovered quickly.  But as for the streak, it still continues - it refuses to walk too.
Who knows how far it can make it.

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Who is Tonia?
She is an amazing wife and mom of three who recently became a certified running coach.  She is busy trying to complete P90x while increasing her mileage.  Let me tell you that IS hard!  She somehow manages to pull it all together through sick kiddos, races and a hubbs who has to be away at times and looks amazing doing it!  She truly is inspiring.  So if you don't let know Tonia, get over there and tell her I sent you.

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  1. So what your saying is that you're determinedly goal oriented (or more negatively put - pig-headedly stubborn) It's a good characteristic to have as a distance runner. I generally don't walk during races but did when I ran Sydney half last year - but only through 2 water stops.

  2. Woah - whole lotta pink going on in that first picture!

    I typically walk during runs and races because I am retarded when it comes to hydrating and running at the same time!

  3. We do run/walk in our long run training. Though now apparently I won't be doing that as we are shaking things up in my training...could be interesting..I need the walk break to drink my water!

  4. Congrats on keeping the streak going! Interesting questions. Do you allow yourself to walk during a run? Yes, I usually do funny walking to keep my hams and glutes activated so my ITB doesn't tighten up. Is it okay to walk during a race? I have to say yes for the same reasons. I prefer not to walk during a race, but sometimes it is necessary if I want to keep moving forward.

  5. I'm okay with walking during a race...especially a long distance like a half. And I definitely walk through water stations no matter what the distance. I'm not coordinated enough to run and drink!

  6. I'm ok with walking - obviously....well, scratch that. I'm not ok with it, I just need it. But I only allow myself a certain amount of steps (20 being the most). I hope to not walk at all during the half marathon (except bathroom breaks or whatever).

  7. I do allow short walk breaks during long runs and races (marathon distance only, not during anything shorter). It works for me, but we are all different.

    Good for you pushing through and keeping those tired legs moving!

  8. I almost never walk, but I don't really have an opinion on it. Sometimes it is harder to start again if you walk!

    Thanks for the link love and all those complements! Totally made my day.

    Did you get the message I sent you?

  9. I think it's ok for people to walk if they need to. I personally don't do it unless I am beaten to a pulp (which has happened!) but to each his own.

  10. Great job. I do not walk on my runs, but if I need too, I do in a race.

  11. I hadn't ever walked during a race until Boston this year and again at Big Sur. It was humbling, but I also realized sometimes you just gotta do it! But I totally understand, I usually never walk on my traing runs, like Tonia said, it is so much harder to start running again!!!
    Love the Tonia shout out!!!!

  12. i never walk either. my mentality just doesn't let me. definitely not the smartest thing in certain situations but i will not walk. i may stop but walking just won't happen my legs need to cover the whole distance running!

  13. I have only walked at the end of my two marathons. I don't usually walk through water stations. It just physically hurts to start running again ... not to mention the lack of mental motivation, then, too. You look awesome -- love the pink!!

  14. I really like the new look of your blog!
    I don't walk either. If I do, its not counted in my running distance that I keep track of. I don't like to walk during races either. It seems to hurt more so to transition between the two than it does to just run a bit slower and not change my gait.

  15. No, no you didn't offend me - it's just my weird sarcastic humour.

  16. I think it is okay to walk, and that is probably because I do. I think if you run more than you walk, you are still a runner. If you walk an entire race, you are a walker. Regardless, I think everyone who gets out there and does something to better themsleves is a winner.

    Personally, I think if people "couldn't" walk while running, a lot less people would try. And there would be a lot less amazing people in the blog land :)

  17. I walk during water stops. I can't drink if I'm breathing hard, so I have to pause to drink. And if a hill is steep enough that I can walk it as fast as I'm running, I'll sometimes walk it in long races. But, I've never had any issues with starting back up after a water stop and my legs appreciate the change in gait, so it works well for me.

  18. I walk during water stops too. I've had water up my nose too many times, plus, I enjoy the break.
    But I agree with Tonia - sometimes it's hard to get going again.
    I wish I didn't walk. But I do.

  19. During everyday runs I don't like to walk, but I also have to listen to my body to prevent reinjuring myself so I will cut runs short if I am not feeling it. During races, I sometimes walk through the aid station, mostly because I have a hard time getting the liquid in my mouth rather than all over myself otherwise.