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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 31 - 31 Days to Go

Some of you might have thought I was enjoying a rest day today.  In a way, I did.  I skipped my morning run and enjoyed a little extra rest while the rain poured outside.  Good timing.

Aye Matey.  LBM's pirate eye.

So after work LBM and I waited for a break in the rain and headed out for 6.5 miles that ended up being a wonderful dual purposed run.  I got some exercise and the jogger got washed.  It poured down rain.  It was great!  LBM snoozed through the rain hitting off the weather shield.  My legs felt amazingly rested and ready to go.

What is in those silos?

We saw a huge rainbow that seemed to end on the neighbors silos.  It was beautiful.  While I ran I got to thinking about the timing of my upcoming races and this crazy idea of doing 100 Days of Running.  I realized that I don't have enough time before my Ultra in July to go 100 days without a recovery day.  I have concerns that I will need to take a recovery day after the Ultra and I wouldn't want the pressure of a self-challenge to make me continue to run when my body really should rest.

Day 31 - Run 47.  6.5 miles 53:58
So I think I might try doing 100 consecutive runs before my Ultra.  I placed a poll to the right.  See it there? 
I know I have mention that my June race is a 21k Challenge type race.  I will be running it to see if I can do it.  I doubt that I will be able to "race" it at all.  It is in 10 days. 
And in 31 days is my next Ultra.  The Skyline Challenge.  A little trail 50k up and down a mountain.  If I do the math I could be done with 100 runs before that Ultra.  I just wonder if I will be able to get in long runs with no recovery longer than 24 hours. 
Maybe my poll should be "How many runs will Shelly get in before coming to her senses?"

We played in the rain...barefoot.
At this point I am attempting the 100 unless one of my faithful followers gives me a piece of advice that makes me shorten the goal or focus on the race more.

But as for today, I rested (my definition of resting anyway), I ran, I played in the rain. 
I moved one step closer to completing another goal whether it turns out to be 100 runs or a new PR at the Ultra.

Laken and Lila are having a June Giveaway!

S'ghetti girl loves Heather's amazing skirts.

She would live in skirts and knee high socks (thanks Tonia) if I would let her...and I do.


  1. I always enjoy the pictrues of your kids, views and your self portraits and I love the hair.

    Wow that is quite the challenge. I think you know yourself and what you can do. I like my recovery days and if you are doing an Ultra I think your body needs recovery days.

    Good luck with whatever you decide.

  2. GIRL! I get tired just reading your posts sometimes. You amaze me :)
    Thanks again for the response on my food question. I figure you must have to take an A LOT of calories to run as much as you do, but it doesn't seem like you do!
    I thought you were a SAHM, but you're able to juggle work with all this running and family life? Again, amazing.

  3. You need to give you body a rest. It helps your muscles... I will be back with statistics if you need them.

  4. omg that is such an adorable picture of your son! that's how i wink too, like a pirate. haha

  5. love that photo - adorable!!

    Way to go on the runs!!!! ;)

  6. You and I have different definitions of rest. ;)

    Just listen to your body... if you can keep on running, keep on running!

  7. I love LBM's pirate eye! Good luck with the 100 runs. I look forward to hearing about them!

  8. The self portrait with your child in the middle of the road made me CRINGE.. I am sure it was OK but wow..

    100 days, you are AMAZING chick..

    FYI I always read your Blog but some days my work wont let me comment, WEIRD!!

  9. LOVE that pic of LBM on my blogroll - made me laugh out loud - so cute!!!

    Okay, you want advice? I'll spill it for ya!
    I think you need to evaluate what you want to get out of your races. If you going out for a specific time you might want to reconsider this 100 run thing. If you're going out to enjoy the miles and the accomplishment, I think you could totally do the 100 run thing or even the 100 days of running. The day after the ulatra might be good to get your legs moving even it is just for a few SLOW miles.
    If you're also going to go with the 100 runs challenge, I think you should try to slow it down. You are running each run at a pretty decent clip and although it may feel comfortable, you may want to slow it down and conserve your energy. You want those muscles to stay fresh and have time to recover and they can't do that if they are constantly running hard each day!
    Good luck - I know you will make the smart choice for YOU! BTW, I have started the 30 day challenge on Tuesday - very excited for this one!!!

  10. Arrrgghhh! Love the pirate eye!
    I'd rest or push accordingly, depending on what your race goals are: ie training run, PR etc.
    You are amazing!

  11. Honestly, I think you are crazy. ;o) I'd hate to see you end up injured before your ultra.

    Great pictures, as always!

  12. Those pictures of LBM just totally made me giggle! He is just too cute! My best to you whatever your goals turn out to be. I have no doubt you will do great things :)

  13. I think you may need a recovery day! Just make sure you are listening to your body. I did a 100 day challenge before, but it was the one that they posted on Oprah :) That is all the details I will give about that!! Have a great night :)

  14. I think you need to really decide what is most important to you - the ultra or the 100 runs. You're close to the ultra and halfway to the 100 mark. If the ultra is more important, then I think you should be delaying the latter goal (maybe when the weather starts to turn and you don't always want those long runs). If the ultra is more important, then start those rest days and build more endurance runs over the next few weeks. And, if time is a goal of sorts, then, yes, rest is definitely a must.

    I'm no ultra expert by any means; this is just what makes sense to me. I'd hate to see you fry the wrong fish, nor do I want to see you injured or burned out.

  15. The pirate eye is too cute! Running in the rain ... ahhhh, so refreshing!

  16. your hair is too cute, pigtails, curls etc it makes you you.

    when the fall/winter rolls around in miami I can't wait to just run day after day after day

  17. good job on taking a 'rest' in the morning!!!
    u r one hard core runner.

    ps. i noticed you also changed your background! me too!