Daily Chatter

Monday, June 7, 2010

Feet to the Future

LBM graduated from pre-pre-preschool.  They had the cutest program.  I know it might seem silly to some but it is amazing what kids learn but just being exposed to what the older kids are doing. 
I am sure that it will be wonderful to compare this graduation photo with the one to come 16 years from now.

I wonder if college graduation will be blue and gold? 
I wonder what colleges that might be?

Momma Twitch @ Run momma run is having an OH MY GOODNESS Stuffitts Shoe Savers and Running Skirt Giveaway!
Do we all know how often I stalk go to the Running Skirt website to see if there are any skirts on sale in my size?  Lots and lots.  I am not being cheap just financially frugal until Hubbs works out his employment situation!
But enough about me, let's introduce you to Momma Twitch who is quickly approaching her first marathon!
She is a busy mom of 3 who writes a running, family, yummy food blog.
I am completely jealous of her running family.  She just ran an 8k with her mom. 
Now we know where she gets it!  You really should hop over and give her some encouragement as she struggles with the marathon crazies that get us all right before the BIG day.
Tell her I sent you so I can win and you can see me running in something new!


  1. Congrats to your littlest, way to go!!!! Having one off and out of school, you already know how quickly time flies and how much you gotta cherish these precious moments....

  2. That is an adorable picture. Congratulations!

  3. Those mortar boards, are they cardboard? So cute. LBM looks so serious about the graduation.

  4. oh my gosh sooooo cute....and I totally felt the same way...I was emotional thinking how fast 4 years flew by and how much faster the rest of time might go!! He looks sooo cute

  5. congrats to the little man. super cute!

  6. Congrats LBM!! Such an adorable photo :)

  7. Congrats. Some of my mom treasured memories are my kindergarten graduation :D

  8. LBM is just the cutest graduate! I love preschool graduations, they are so much fun.

  9. That picture is the cutest thing EVER!