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Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Difference a Day Makes

Yesterday we celebrated s'ghetti girls big 9th birthday.
It was exhausting!

I got up early and squeezed in some miles once back home I showered, made breakfast, did laundry, cleaned out the car, washed dishes and generally attempted to clean up the house since we were heading to VA Saturday afternoon.

See.  I'm tired already and the partying didn't even start.

S'ghetti girl with bestest friend #1

Bestest friend #1's mom and dad rock!  They brought her to our house and saved us a bit of running around.  She would be spending the entire extended weekend with us.  Once she arrived we loaded up the car and dropped LBM at the sitter for the day so mom didn't have a complete meltdown from kid control s'ghetti girl could have her friends all to herself.
We picked up bestest friend #2 and headed to Slinky's Action Zone for a day of serious money wasting play. 
They ran, they climbed, they jumped.  They played game after game after game.

They won a pile of tickets for cheapy toys

We stopped for ice cream before heading home since mom needed the sugar the kids had worked up an appetite.  It was so hot most of our ice cream melted before we could eat it!

It was a great exhausting day!  Once home with only LBM, s'ghetti girl and bestest friend #1, LBM and I went for run number #2 of the day.  I figured I usually feel more energized after a run even if I start out tired.  And it worked, that run carried me through the swimming with the kids and supper that followed.  Although I fell asleep on the couch after the kids finally went to bed!

They crawled through miles of tubes.

Saturday morning brought a change.  The Plan was to take the girls to their last soccer game and then head to VA however, what a difference a day makes.
S'ghetti girl looked a little more pale when I returned from my morning run then her typical self. 
(I didn't pause for a photo)
I got the kids breakfast and all seemed fine until....
s'ghetti girls runs for the bathroom and it begins...
yep, throw up.
At first I thought it might be a ploy to get out of the soccer game so we could get to VA earlier but after the third time I knew she was really sick.  And embrassed that it was happening in front of her best friend.
I mean NO ONE like to get sick in front of someone!  I felt so bad for her.
We talked about what to do.  S'ghetti said she felt better and that bestest friend should play the soccer game and she would just join me in the cheering section.
That was wishful thinking.

What it looks like to get sick in the car before the soccer game

I knew I hadn't done a good enough job of cleaning my car and thanks to my poor judgment in taking s'ghetti girl to the soccer game at all, now I will have the opportunity to really do a complete wash and clean job! 
She felt just terrible; about getting sick and because she was sick.
Her team won the game.  We got home quickly and tired our best to help her feel better.
S'ghetti girl and bestest friend #1 decided that they would cancel their "big weekend of fun" and reschedule.  Bestest Friend #1's mom came and picked her up (see, they are super great!).

LBM tried to help sissy feel better.

S'ghetti girl is feeling better after a soak in the tub and an afternoon of sleep but still not tip-top.
This reminds me that I am always so glad when I take advantage of my running opportunities and not fall into an "I can do it later" attitude. 
So today my miles are low but my mommy skills a top notch! 
I can get 7up and a cool cloth faster than most moms.

Thanks to all that running!


  1. Wow!! That is one eventful weekend so far. I hope S'ghetti girl feels better real soon :)
    You are such a good mommy for taking care of yourself so in turn you are better able to take care of the babes.

  2. Poor S'ghetti girl. I hope she feels better soon!

  3. Poor girl...sick on her birthday!! Hope she is feeling better soon!

  4. oh man hope s'ghetti girl starts to feel better!

  5. Oh no- atleast she has an awesome best friend (and mom) to make even a sick birthday a good one!

  6. Hope she is feeling better. Sounds like she has a great friend. Another time - she will have a great time. Now I hope that the rest of the family doesn't get sick.

  7. Poor thing. Sounds like she's starting to feel better. I hope tomorrow is a much better one.

    Some days are exhausting but it can be so worth it when you have happy kiddos and have made time for yourself. So, keep it up!

  8. Sounds like a great Birthday! I hope your little girl is feeling back to 100% again soon. Poor thing.

  9. awwwww...hope she is feeling better today!

  10. Awww...I hope she feels better soon! Good job on being such a quick momma. :)