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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Do Groundhogs Eat Lucky Charms?

Run# 56 ~ 3.5 / 28:38

Yesterday was probably my last double until after the race Saturday.
I have to admit I am a little glad to have the race coming up.  I really enjoyed my run yesterday morning ~ after I got out there and started.  When I first woke up I was thinking that laying in bed seemed momentarily nicer.
But once I was running I was so glad I ran!

File this under "Things I see Along me Way"
Soaking wet baby groundhog

My evening run was the opposite.  I couldn't wait to get going and then after about 2 miles when the hills really get going and going and going, I could not wait to be done!  I didn't walk but I really wanted to.  Dead Legs!
I was slightly revived when LBM and I saw this little critter in the path.  I felt so bad for him.  LBM gave him a handful of the Lucky Charms he brought for his snack.  I don't know if groundhogs eat Lucky Charms but It helped LBM be able to not take the little critter home.
Come to think of it, he looked a lot like Little Critter you know from the story books.  Minus the blue eyeshadow and clothes.

Back to the run.  You can tell from the evening "after" shot that I look a lot more tired than I did in the morning and I don't think it was just the longer run.
100 runs maybe catching up to me.

Run #57 ~ 6.5 / 53:13

We were greeted happily after our run.  The dogs were ready to eat up whatever snacks LBM had left uneaten in his seat.  They are such helpers!

Ready for snack patrol.

LBM was eager to be free and run on the road.  He waited so nicely while I snapped a quick picture of me and the dogs but was a little too eager to wait while I took off my shoes.

Ready to run! 
Come on Mom!

We enjoyed our barefoot cool down but finally had to go inside and call it a day.

But this is what happens when LBM doesn't feel like he is ready to stop running yet...
Temper tanturm lately?
...and he is not even 2 yet.


  1. hahah too funny about the temper tantrum. well not funny to you i suppose but a funny picture :) and adorable that lbm fed the groundhog lucky charms!

    and don't kill yourself with the 100 runs! if youre tired, you're tired. good luck with the race

  2. Your LBM is too cute, even when having a little tantrum ... at least from HERE he is still cute. LOL!

    Hope your legs feel rested for Saturday!

  3. I love your running partner - tantrums and all! I saw the groundhawg pic on FB and was wondering if that was the one from earlier in the spring? Tee hee...great job on keeping up on those runs!!!

  4. we had a few tantrums before my son turned 2, but since turning 2 I havent seen one. :) there is hope :)

  5. For me the real tantrum didn't start til 3--ugh. It's a good thing they're cute!
    Love the groundhog!
    Rest up for race day!

  6. Isaac's not one and he throws little tantrums. I can't wait until he's 2 (NOT)

  7. That groundhog is too cute! Tantrums...ughhh the get bad at three...but my little baby who will be two next month has them occasionally! oh well part of growing I guess!

  8. That little critter is just too cute! I would have taken him home......and then of course wished I wouldn't have about 2 days later hahahaha!
    Great photos and can't wait for that race report.

  9. I cannot believe you DIDNT take that baby ground hog home. TOO cute.

    I cannot wait for you to post your race report. You will do great!

  10. Glad you managed to finish last night's run. Enjoy a little break of only running once a day. ;o)

    LBM and the groundhog are both adorable.

  11. hmm tantrums...nope not prepared to deal with that yet

  12. Oh my...I remember the days of temper tantrums. Well, my 19-year old still has them...hahaha!! I'm so excited for your race this weekend, girl! Will be cheering for you again, yay!!! That wet groundhog is actually really cute, as long as he stays outdoors! I owe ya an email, I am sooo behind in life. I need to go back to work so I can get caught up in blog land. Haha! HUGS to you, Shelly! So excited for you!

  13. My youngest is like that too; he cries if we don't go for a run. Some days it really works in my favour; others, it drives me crazy.

  14. my daughter throws similar tantrums when I am ready to come home after a run and she spends the whole time in the stroller so she isn't even doing any running at least you little one is upset cause he still wants to run can't get mad at that. 57 runs and you stay looking fabulous, amazing.

  15. Oh my gosh that groundhog should win a prize for cutest thing ever seen on a run!! :)

  16. I LOVE this post, I love the baby ground hog and I always love the pics of you in a bondi band! You look so cute! I need to try those!

  17. Love the baby groundhog! I don't think I've ever seen a groudnhog in real life.

  18. I think groundhogs will probably eat just about anything.

    Good luck on the trail run this weekend.