Daily Chatter

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Running this weekend

It's late already.  Where does the weekend go? 
We did accomplish more this weekend than just running but for now the running review will have to do.

Run #51 - I finished my Friday with a double.  (a.m. 3.5 / 28:44 and p.m. 6.5 / 54:07)
I really need these temps to ease up.  I can not imagine "racing" in this heat. 

Friday evening #51

Saturday LBM and I went out for a single run.  The activites of the day combine with the heat to make just one run enough!  Run #52 (3.5 / 28:29) 

LBM ready to keep the streak going.

As you can see even after a cool down, I am still rather red faced.  When will I learn that it is ALWAYS better to get out first thing in the morning?

Saturday #52

No photo of Sunday's run #53 (3.5 / 26:53)  I figure you probably tired of seeing me all sweaty anyway.  We spent most of Sunday by the pool.  So as you can see I did rest from the double digits and double runs most of the weekend.  I am hoping that will do the trick to help my legs be a bit fresher for the race this Saturday. 

Where will this 100 Runs end?  The poll was nearly tied. 
I still have not made a decision and I may simply allow life and how I am feeling make the decision for me.  But for now, my body is saying let's do it and I am eager to see how far I can get.


  1. I'm at the "allow life and how I am feeling make the decision for me" stage right now, too. And I have to say, I really like it! I'm also finding, but because of my heel, that double day runs are much easier on me then one solid long one. We just gotta do what we gotta do to get it done, right??

    You look so cute in your pink shirt and pigtails!! :) And the little guy is precious as ever!! Have a great week, Shelly!!!

  2. NEVER tired of seeing your sweaty face - lol. I love seeing your smile, day after day. It just shows how much you enjoy running and that's so encouraging!

  3. We finally got a reprieve from the hot hot temps. But I'm still not running. Stupid knee (&elbow now too)

  4. Hey LADY!!! I need advice from the runner I know who runs more miles than ANYYYBODY else I know (you). hehe ok sooo last week when I tried to run a ridiculous amount of miles, the tendon right above the achilles started aching-- just an overuse thing. I'll ice and take a day off and get over it.

    The question is.... do you ever get these types of pains? Overuse pain or injury? Doesn't seem like it. How long did it take you to work up to sooo many miles? Oooh and follow-up question-- what does your racing schedule look like? Anything big coming up?

    Does this seem like an interview? Sorry if it does!

    Happy Monday!

  5. holler to the double run! :) and lbm is so cute. it makes me start to hear my biological clock ticking. so stop posting pics because i don't want to listen to that clock hahah! ;)

  6. If I didn't mention it already, I like the new blog look.

    Great job on all the runs. You are amazing!

  7. love the new look! u r still my fave running machine! good job, shelly!
    happy monday to you!

  8. I say go for it! BUT let your body & life be the boss- no need to get stressed out or injured ;)

  9. When I was out battling the heat this weekend, I was thinking of YOU! You still get out there when it's hot so I got my pansy butt out there, too!
    Nice job and I'm with Courtney, we never get tired of seeing you!!! Great job this weekend!
    And LBM is just so dang cute!

  10. It was a hot one this weekend. Hopefully next weekend will go a bit easier on you!

    Great job on keeping up the miles and respecting the way your body feels.

  11. We're having incredibly hot weather too; however, this is FL, so it's par for the course! Nice job on continuing the streak!

  12. It's really hard to remember to get out first thing in the morning, isn't it? It's always a better idea in retrospect!