Daily Chatter

Monday, June 21, 2010

If you give my Son Sunglasses...

...he'll need help to put them on.
When you stop to put them on he'll notice the flowers along the road.

As you explain that we shouldn't pick those flowers he'll probably decide he needs more snack.  After giving him a snack you'll need to stop again because he'll need a drink to go with it.

When you give him your drink he will choose to spill some in his tray so he'll need a paper towel to wipe it up.

When you stop to give him the paper towel to clean up the mess he will stand up in his seat.
As you try to get him to sit back down he'll complain about the sun and when you go to give him his sun glasses...

.....you'll have trouble finding them again.

Barefoot Angie Bee is hosting a Nuun Giveaway for her anniversary!
This should be no surprise since this amazing barefoot running mom of  three recently got a job with Nuun. 
She has also be streaking!  Okay, Angie is a progressive runner blazing new trails but not that kind of streaking.  The running without a rest day kind!  Go Angie!!
With all that and loads of other tasks Angie somehow holds it all together.
If you don't know her yet get over there and catch up with an inspiring running mother!


  1. that is such an adorable picture! very cute :) and i love the way you wrote this post, very "if you give a mouse a cookie"-esque

  2. cute story! very cute picture!

  3. Love this post we just read If you Give a Pig a Pancake last night for the 100th time. Great pictures.:)

  4. Very smart play on a children's story!

  5. I live those books, and I miss those days. Instead, the daughter and her bf are in my basement look at places to live online. If only I could give her some sunglasses....

  6. Of course, that should say "love" not "live" Oy!

  7. Cute story. I can't wait for the sequel: If you give a Running Momma an hour...