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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Xterra Trail Race Recap (Run# 61)

Boy do I have a lot to catch you all up on!
But for now you'll have to settle with knowing I am still going strong on my 100 Runs Challenge and I ran my trail 21k...well, sort of.

After spending Thursday in Hershey Park and then driving to VA house on Friday we headed to Richmond for the night.
With all the extra activity it is a wonder that I slept the night before the race but Hubbs slept with LBM - who slept through the night!! - so that I could get some rest.  When morning came I was up and ready while the rest of the family slept.
Since we were within minutes of the start line, I let the family sleep as long as possible and when I finally woke them they were quickly ready to go.
It was already warm when we got the the packet pickup but I didn't think it was going to be an unexpected issue. 

After potty stops, shopping some of the sponsor's tents and getting our photo taken by the helpful gentleman; I was ready for final instructions and the start.

Since I don't have the recall of some of you, bring on the bullets:

  • I started pretty close to the front
  • the first few miles were urban "trails"
  • the remainder of the race was single track trails
  • it got hot
  • I did not carry my own water
  • a gingerbread gu is a wonderful friend!
  • Not everyone who runs trails is nice
  • the last 3/4 of the races I felt like I could run forever
  • they shortened the race without telling us - grrrrrr
  • I love trail races
  • If you run a race with the plan to "kick" the last few miles - its upsetting to have them taken away
  • My family was not due back until 2 - 2:30 hours after the start
  • I sweat...a lot.

So when the family finally came, I forgot all about taking pictures so this is me once we were back to the truck.  I felt like I still have more to give since I missed the opportunity to push it on the last few miles.  I wish they had told us in the begining about the change - I overheard talk that it was known by race officials before the start that the course would be shortened.

They are going swimming and I am still dripping wet!

Alittle muddy after the race

Upside:  I got to go back to the hotel and shower.  The kids got to swim more.  I was able to work out a bloggy meet up with Tonia at Racing with Babes

We met for lunch at a great little place after being a half hour late (sorry, Tonia!).  It is completely a guy thing.  Why do we have GPS if we are not going it use it?  That's all I'm saying.
After lunch which I was in major need of after not eating breakfast - oh, except the gingerbread gu, we went for a walk to a local running store.
Tonia's hubbs, J who is really nice...and TALL.  Needed fitted for running shoes.  And s'ghetti girl had to get a new sweaty band to NOT share with mom!  It was a great time.
Tonia is just as nice and funny as she seems in her posts.  And her girls are honestly saying some of the funniest things! 
It was a great day.  I wonder how I'll top it tomorrow?


  1. you can top it by going down to richmond the weekend of July 15th! I'll be there for the weekend!

  2. Sounds like fun! Did they shorten it because of the heat?

    Glad you got to meet Tonia. She's a blast!

  3. I think you are the only person who says they feel like they could "run all day" in the last 3/4 of a race. You motivate me more than you know.

    And stop apologizing for being late. It wasn't a big deal. Thanks again for a great afternoon!

  4. I LOVE Gingerbread Gu!! Way to rock out the race speedy. I am sooo excited to meet Tonia in September.. And you someday?? Wow #61, you are AMAZING!

  5. What a great day! Glad you had an awesome race - even if it was shorter than you had planned. Now, what is the next event?

  6. So glad to hear you had a great race!! They really should have let you all know about it being shortened.
    Yay for bloggy meetups!

  7. Nice job..I would be ticked if they shortened a race...give me some $$ back....

  8. Nice strong race! So sorry it was shortened! You were robbed! You East Coast peeps have been dealin' with awful humidity - you are a trooper!!!
    And lucky you that you got to hang with Tonia and fam! Good job on the running streak :)

  9. It's a bummer they shortened the race. It's horrible they didn't tell you. It sounds like the part of the the trail challenge you got to run went well!

    Did you like Hershey Park? I keep hearing we need to take the kids.

  10. So jealous of BOTH of you!!

    Congrats on an awesome race, girl!!!

  11. Sorry they surprised you with a shortened course. Overall it looks like a really fun weekend! What a fun meetup!

  12. what a fun ADVENTURE! The only thing worse about a race that gets shortened is one that gets longer..