Daily Chatter

Saturday, June 5, 2010

A little Ketchup

With all the activities celebrating s'ghetti girl's birthday and another big weekend I am playing catch up.  I know you are all dieing to know if I am still at it for my 30 days of Running.

Of course, I am.  Day 27 in three more to go!
203 miles so far.

I know many of you are racing today and tomorrow.  Run strong and have a blast!
We will be enjoying some time between PA and VA on our long weekend.

A few photos because I know you love them, of the last few runs.  Have a GREAT weekend of running!
Thursday's p.m. run (6.5/53:13)

LBM rocking his shades before his run

Another sweaty run.  When will the heat break?

LBM ditched the hat for his race.

Friday morning I got out for 3.5 miles (26:53).  No photos from Friday's p.m. mega sweat-fest of a run (6.5/54:32).

I still can not get my morning schedule adjusted now that school is out. 

 Do you have trouble adjusting between your school year and summer running schedule?

Friday morning run.  It gets hot very early!

My mock pear.  It always blooms before school lets out.  It smells great!


  1. I love the road race. LBM is working really hard to stay in between the lines!

    Good things come in threes, you know!

  2. You are so awesome! So will day 31 definitely be a rest day?

    and I totally have a hard time juggling the school vs non-school schedules! I really need to figure that one out!

  3. great streak going! hope the heat breaks for you, hot and humid =/= good running weather

  4. LMB looks great running!!! Love that he lost his hat. We still have a couple weeks of school here, so I don't have to adjust yet. It shouldn't be too difficult to transition because I usually run before the kids wake up.