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Saturday, June 26, 2010

What I did on my Stay-cation

Xterra Xduro

I have been a bad blogger for the past week.  But I did have a good reason.

We had planned to go to our family reunion in Florida however with the new home purchase followed shortly but Hubbs lack of employment we choose to vacation at the VA house.
Our time started with a trip to Hershey Park which I already spoke about briefly and will post about when I have more time.  It was as always a great day!
The kids and I packed up and headed south.
First was the Xterra.  It was a great course but a HUGE dissapointment when they cut the course short.
The best part of the day was meeting Tonia and her family.

Disappointed but still smiling.

While Hubbs did some Reserve duty, the kids and I spent some time getting familiar with the area.  I ran an expanding route each day to find safe places to run with LBM in the jogger.

As I was running I made a few observations about VA.  I am eager to share them with you in a later post.

Did I mention it is HOT in VA!

After one of many afternoon runs.  What was I thinking? 
Stay-cation time gets my body clock all messed up.

Finally no more air mattress!

We made a trip to Sams Club for a new bed!  Finally a night of sleep in comfort.  It was wonderful AND the first night LBM slept through the night in VA!  He must have known mom and dad wanted to enjoy their new bed.

One of the nice side roads I ran on

It was so hot and hazy and some routes didn't provide much shade but it was pretty scenery everywhere.

LBM ready to roll

Most runs LBM napped while I explored the area.  We discovered 4 dogs on the route but only one that was eager to come out at us.  On following days, that dog was not outside. 

I was able

Run from your cubicle

Hubbs had a "company" picnic and signed us up for a 5k.  That was a nice suprise!  It was also a suprise to find out that it was a cross country/trail run.  Oh and of course it was HOT! 
Hubbs did great.  It is really only the third time he has ran since his knee surguries.
I pulled a rookie mistake and forgot to retie my shoes before the race and they both came untied while I was running.  Duh!

Run from your cubicle - first female

I was able to get them both quickly tied and finish in
23:58 good enough that morning for first female. 

It was even hot for the race supporters

After the race we cleaned up and head off to the picnicing.  They had music, activities for the kids; face paining, sand art, snow cones (longest line!), bounce houses, bull riding...

LBM loved the bounce house

We went to Winchester to meet up with a friend of Hubbs from AFG.  She was on her way to Spokane to be with her husband who is ill.  We had a wonderful meal in the downtown walking mall. 

View of the walking mall

Even the kids enjoyed getting out in the evening air for a walk while Hubbs caught up with his friend for some grown up talk. 

S'ghetti girl wearer dad's shades at night

So now I am back in PA.  We came home early since VA was being hit with such hot weather.  We spent our first day home running errands, swimming and well, running.


  1. Sounds like a good time! I hope it all turns out to be a great move for you.

  2. Is that the C'ville downtown?

    Let me know if you ever come through the inner 'burbs of DC on your way between the houses.

    Congrats on first female!

  3. Sounds like a busy but fun staycation! Congrats on first female in the race!

  4. you are crazy to run in the heat! :)

    congrats on the win; that's an impressive time :)

  5. Cute pictures :). Just love all yoru family time, you are amazing mom and wife! Did your hubby decide to stay in the military? Didn't he just get promoted??

  6. Congrats on the win!! That photo of you running the trail is awesome!
    Glad you are having or had a good staycation!

  7. Sounds like you've been very busy!

  8. I wondered what the cubicle run was all about. Now it all makes sense. Congrats.

    What a busy week you've had. LBM has become such a good tag-along little guy; you'll appreciate that even more as he gets older.

  9. Where are ya in VA?? I miss the state soooo much!

    Great job on first female finisher!

  10. what a busy yet fun week! congrats on first place :)

  11. It sounds like you had a great staycation! Congrats on first place!

  12. Nice staycation! And so cool your hubbs surprised you with a run! Congrats on the first place!!! You are speedy!

  13. Sounds like a fun way to spend the time off, especially the race & picnic! Congrats on your first place finish EVEN with the shoe lace issue!